Every day is World Cancer Day

Sorry for the rather pessimistic title, but it’s true.

For those whose lives have been affected by cancer, the day starts and ends with the disease.  I wake up every morning with a part of my heart missing, buried with my mom 12 years ago.  I fall asleep every night after an hour of tossing and turning, the awkward lumps on my breast-less chest making it impossible to sleep comfortably.  Don’t get me wrong- I am grateful every day for the opportunity to get this thing before it hits, but on days like today where the message is about ‘awareness’, it’s frustrating.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past hundred years, you’re aware of cancer.  It can latch itself on to any body part it chooses without mercy.  You’re aware of it, but do you know how to do everything in your power to prevent it? Do you know what to look for, so if- God forbid- it attacks, you can catch it early? Do you know your individual risk?  Lets stop being just aware, lets educate, donate, research, prevent, and stop cancer from taking any more of the people we love and care about.


Do you know your risk for breast and ovarian cancer? Check here

Do you know how to give yourself a breast exam? Learn here

Need reminders to actually do it? Click here

Need recommendations of worthy charities?

My Destiny Foundationa nationwide not for profit organization providing financial support to those who are at risk of developing breast cancer.

Protect The Pecs  and HIS Breast CancerMale breast cancer foundations.

FORCE– Hereditary cancer organization.

bcsurgerystories.com– Help publish a book about breast cancer surgery and reconstruction.

Bright Pink–  Help educate young women about their breast and ovarian health.

Now go donate and change the world!

Should I be done with the sad stuff now? I think so.  On to some happy news..another article recently came out via The Ann Arbor News!

2015-02-02 06.54.23

And I got a message today from the lovely author that it has been picked up by Associated Press, who will publish it this weekend! I love this article, it’s the only ones that really captures ALL of the preventative stuff- boobs, tubes, and frozen eggs. And and and Cody was interviewed too! I’m so glad that lovely man is finally getting SOME credit for putting up with my crazy.  Pink & Blue also gets a shoutout, and my own personal Genetic Oncologist makes an appearance! It’s quite the article.  Read it in its entirety here


One thought on “Every day is World Cancer Day

  1. Wow! I stumbled across your blog when looking for pics of reconstructed foobs after mastectomy, and I am so impressed with your story/courage/writing and, well everything! I am quite a bit older than you, 43, and had a double mastectomy on Dec. 18th for a large aggressive area of DCIS (type of breast cancer, I’m sure you know that) in one boob, and “suspicious” things in the other boob. You are truly an inspiration! I’m sorry people are making dumb comments to you, I have had some questionable ones as well “Isn’t DCIS pre-cancer?” “Why cut off your other boob too? You probably won’t get cancer in that one. Seems like a waste.” Waste? Of what? I am confident in my decision, but seeing such a young person go through all this is truly amazing. Thanks for lifting my spirits up today! I am teacher as well, and go back to work next week, so have been nervous and off all day worrying. After reading your blog, I’m in awe! And in a better mood!

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