Overdue Post Op Update

My reconstructive surgery was a week and a half ago, and I can’t believe how fantastic I feel.  I was expecting the same sort of recovery as I had with my mastectomy (which makes no sense given how extensive the last operation was compared to this one) but I was dreading the weeks to come.  This surgery was outpatient, only an hour and a half long.  My plastic surgeon made an incision over my healing scar, took out the expanders and put in my implants.  He also cut around my left nipple to raise it to be even with my right (pre-mastectomy my left breast was a whole cup size bigger than my right, which means my left had more skin and my nipples were uneven).  I woke up in a tad bit of pain, I told the nurse it was a 3 on the scale but Sammy quickly whispered to her “that means it’s an 8”.  After another dose of the good IV pain meds I was released and headed home.  The biggest pain in the butt for this recovery was the drains, they suck.  I had them for a week this time around, which isn’t bad considering I’ve met women who’ve had them for nearly a month (oy!).  I never had any chest pain which shocked me.  I just had my chest cut open, but no pain? What?  My surgeon reassured me all was well and I just heal faster than most.  He and I also had a press conference last week to touch base with some of the news stations that aired my story the first time around.  Watch our interviews here.

I  helped move my little sister in to her dorm for her first year of college last week as well. 3 hours away from me.  If you know us at all, or even if you’ve read previous blog posts, you know we have a unique relationship.  She is my sister and best friend.  If I was stuck on a desert island I wouldn’t chose to bring a tent or a book, I’d bring my sister.  So her being gone is an adjustment for all of us.  My brother moved into his dorm 2 days later, but he’s rooming with his two best friends.  He essentially just picked up his life and moved it to Mt. Pleasant, so not as much adjustment is needed for him.

But! They’re both coming home this upcoming weekend and we’re taking a trip over to the Renaissance Festival that we haven’t been to for years.  It should be loads of fun.  I’m also appearing on a public access channel talk show this Thursday called “In A Heart Beat”. I’ll be sure to link that interview when it’s available online.

So….back to reconstruction. I STILL can’t believe how wonderful my new foobs look.  Seriously.  I don’t know what sort of sorcery Dr. Meininger performed to get me to look even better than before, but I’m glad he did it. I mean… LOOK.

2014-08-20 18.38.54

They even look good in a hospital-issued surgical bra!  Apparently it’s very uncommon to have cleavage with mastectomy reconstruction because the chest muscles are so far apart and the implants sit under them, but I say again, he must have used sorcery because my cleavage is out of control.  I suppose I should feel hesitant posting a picture of my new foobs like this, but dammit, I worked hard for them and I want people to know it’s possible to be happy with fake boobs. PLUS, these foobs won’t get cancer, yahoo!  They’re 550cc Mentor CPG gel contour implants.  550cc means they’re the same size I was before surgery! (Well, same size as the smaller boob, but at least now they’re both an even 34D). They squish, which I’m adjusting to.  I’d gotten used to the expanders, the ones you’d break your collarbone on if you chest bumped me.  Howie likes the new set too. Much more comfortable for couch lounging and cuddles.

2014-08-24 23.03.57

So, what next? School starts up again next week.  3 classes this semester, 3 next, then student teaching.  I applied for an internship helping underprivileged students prepare for college, and I’m working on writing speeches to get ready for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Also a bit of exciting news….I’ve written the first chapter of a book.  A publisher got in contact about a month back asking if I’d be interested so I’ve been sitting on the idea for a while now.  Who knows if it’ll actually happen, but I’ve decided to try.  More exciting news…back in May I was interviewed for Glamour Magazine.  That’ll officially be in the October issue, out in mid-September so be on the lookout! My story is going international!

Thanks for reading the long post, I really shouldn’t wait so long between updates.  I hope everyone reading this is happy, healthy, and enjoying the last bit of summer.  Thanks for sticking with me.





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