“Save the TaTas”

Be forewarned- this is an opinion post.

We’ve all heard or used the phrase “Save the TaTas”. And I’m sure this phrase is used in a way to show support for those that are fighting or have already fought breast cancer, but there’s a good chance you haven’t really thought about what you’re saying, because if you had, you probably wouldn’t use this phrase anymore.  I was guilty of saying these words of course, before I knew what it was like to be a previvor. Here are some things you probably didn’t think about before explaining how you wanted to save the tatas-

Male breast cancer– Yep. That’s right. Men can get breast cancer too, and in fact it’s more likely that they will die from it, because it often isn’t caught until the later stages. The reason for this? The stigma associated with men’s breast health. You wont find men calling their breasts or pecs “tatas”.

Save the boobs? Save the person– This is where I personally take offense, as I am literally getting rid of my breasts in order to save my life.  I understand that the sentiment is there, but I can’t help but think that people are more focused on my breasts than on the life I will lead when no longer worrying about them.

Of course, no one uses the “Save the Tatas” phrase vindictively, but I thought I’d shed a little light on why I no longer use this phrase myself.


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