My plastic surgeon is awesome. Simple as that. He answers all of my questions as if he doesn’t get asked them 200x a day, he’s patient, kind, and understanding. Not to mention he slightly resembles what I imagine a human teddy bear to look like.

Today’s appointment with him was one of my ‘pre-op’ appointments, ya know the kind, they make sure you’re a-okay and still on track and ready for surgery. I have more of these appointments than most patients because of my age, which I don’t mind. Just some more of those hoops I have to jump through.

When we got to talking about the nitty gritty stuff he had answers for everything. On the day of the surgery, my breast surgeon spends the first 2/3 hours removing all of the breast tissue she can get to, then he goes in and separates the muscle using fiber optics and inserts the tissue expander, makes sure everything is aligned and sews me up, which takes him between 1-2 hours.

Then later in the day he makes the first injection of saline, which is put in using a needle through my nipple (no worries, there won’t be any nerves there anymore for me to feel anything) and I’ll do that every 10-14 days or so until I get the shape and size breasts that both he and I am comfortable with. So really, I spend more time with him than with the actual surgeon doing the mastectomy.

I met some more of the nurses at his practice today, I’m sure I’ll get to know them even more over time. They’re wonderful too, of course. I really just love that whole office. My favorite part, though, was the “Boob Job Fund” candy jar at the check out desk (it’s funny because all he does is breast reconstruction for women that have undergone mastectomies), so Katie and I got a giggle out of that one.

It was nice to have Katie along with me today, too. The closer I get to surgery, the more I realize that this process is going to be more difficult on my family and loved ones than on myself. I can’t imagine having to sit in a waiting room anxious for updates. It’s always hard to watch someone you love hurting. So today was extra nice, because leaving the office Katie said, “Well I feel calmer about this whole thing”. 🙂

73 days to go!

In my next post on here I’ll most likely be answering some FAQs, so if anyone reading this has some, feel free to leave it in the comments section!

Much love,


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