“You’re such a pretty girl. You shouldn’t want to change that…”

Yep. That was an actual thing a real person actually said to me.

First off, let us ignore the fact that he called me a ‘girl’ in a failed attempted to belittle me, though I’m pretty sure at this point in my life I am without a doubt a young woman.

Secondly, this person has no knowledge of my personal history, the only information he has was given to him by NPR (which I’ve previously said is minimal, at best).

Thirdly, how effing dare you. How dare you think that I care enough about what you or the male population thinks of my beauty after the surgery. Oh, I’m less attractive in your eyes now? OH no, now I’m second guessing my choice to have life-saving surgery. I can’t bare to live if it means I’m not attractive anymore! I mean, if I can’t live to please men, what’s the point?!

BUT, this particular person by no means represents the male population as a whole, and luckily for me, this was a stranger whose opinion I couldn’t care less about. Comments like these make me even more grateful for those that are nothing but positive, supportive, and caring people. And to all of you- I am so so very happy to have you in my life, you make my life whole.

There is always someone there to pick me up before I feel I’ve even hit the ground- “I think he’s just mourning the fact that there will be one less pair of tits for him to perv at in the world. But some of us will be celebrating the fact that you’ll be even more beautiful than before, and thus the balance is restored.”

So thanks, friends.


2 thoughts on ““You’re such a pretty girl. You shouldn’t want to change that…”

  1. Positivity wins every time. Men are such creeps sometimes, how would he like it if he had cancer and his balls where amputated.” Your such a handsome guy. You shouldn’t want to change that”. Jerk! Keep on smiling!!!

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